5 Disney World Tips from a Disney Nerd

Hello everyone!

I am a little bit (ok, maybe a massive) of a Disney nerd, I love everything about Disney, I love the music, the films, the parks, the characters, everything!! I was fortunate enough to visit the happiest place on earth last year with my family, so nearly a year later I am going to give you some tips to make your Disney trip the best ever!

  1. Get there early! – if you stay in a disney resort you will be able to use magic hours which allow you into the parks 1 hour before other guests. However I haven’t stayed in a Disney Resort so, I’ve never experienced it. But if you are staying off site,  aim to be their at least 45 mins before the park opens as you will be able to be one of the first guests into the parks.
  2. DO EVERYTHING! – do all the rides, all the experiences, do all of what my sister calls ‘lame’ rides, I see them as under rated rides, ones like the Carousel of progress or the people mover; also meet alllllllllll the characters, especially Mickey and Minnie Mouse, try pin trading as well.
  3. Save money –  One way to do this is by only getting 2 meals between a family, this is because the meals are very big in Disney and it saves a lot of money per day, also buy Disney pins on E-bay because will pay £1 – £5 per pins compared to the $8 – $10 you would pay in the parks.
  4. Disney Bounding! – This basically where you wear an outfit like a Disney Characters but you are not in costume, not many people have heard about it and it adds another element of fun to the holiday especially if you do it as a family!
  5. Avoiding crowds – if you want to avoid crowds, I would suggest doing a water park or Animal kingdom early in the week and leave EPCOT and Magic Kingdom until Thursday or Friday. Also as it gets extreme hot in the parks in the middle of the day, so go to the parks in the morning and leave about lunch time and return in the evening when the crowds have gone down and it is a lot cooler.

Thats all for today! Comment down below your favourite Disney park!

Byeee! X


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