Homophobia & Heteronormativity

People need to wake up,

People need to wake up to the fact that not everything is going to be the way they want it to be and that not everyone is like them.

People need to wake up and see behind the stereotypes of different identities and realise that every person that your are going to meet is going to be different to you.

People need to realise that homophobia, racism and dislike of every community is there, People need to start to pull away from the stereotypes they have locked into their brain,

People need to except others for who they are and what they believe, not everyone is like you.

People need to realise that there are gay people out in the world, and no one can change who they are

People need to stop heteronormatising things and putting everything on the binary, guys can like wearing make up and dresses, why would you care, it makes no difference in your life, your just making someone else feel self concious about who they are and what they wear. Girls can wear binders and pack, it makes no difference to you, its not your life that their style impacts, its theirs. Why would you care about a stranger who is walking down the street, not following the crowd in being what some people would call ‘normal’, its not far on them, its not fair on my, on our community. These people your judging are doing the things you are secretly too scared to do.

Nobody was brought up to hate, everyone was brought up to love.

I was always told the clique saying ‘be who you want to be’, yet whenever I wanted to buy clothes from the guys section or wear something different to my friends I got told ‘thats not normal or don’t you think it will look strange’ from people who told me ‘be yourself’, and younger me obeyed they’re views, younger me tried to fit in, tried to like boys and be like everyone else, and guess what… it didn’t work. I buy clothes from anywhere, I’ll date any gender, I will make friends which anyone. If I get told I’m weird well good, because quirky is an antonym weird so let me be quirky and love my life instead of changing what I want to be to be in societies expectations.



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