OOTD: is it thou?

Hello everyone! 

I’m on my summer holidays at the moment and I say summer, but it’s 16 degrees and I’m freezing all of the time!! Why does the UKs weather have to be so shit?

Anyway, I love this YouTuber called Dodie, she sings, she writes, she’s really sweet and I aim to be like her in life, so I have done a dodie inspired ootd for you, enjoy!

First of all I would wear light eyeshadow because dodie always looks amazing with eyeshadow on and it is usually is very light.

Next I would wear a smock dress that I found in primary for £8 because dodie wears lots of dresses like this also they are really comfy and I wear it on holiday because it’s light and I don’t get hot in it.

I would also wear frilly socks because dodie wears lots of these, also they make me look really cute and I think dodie is adorable, they were £2 from primark or topshop

Then I would put on cat ears which have daisies on them as dodie has them and I love them so much!! They were £2 from Tiger 

That’s all for this week folks!!

Byeee X


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