TOP 10: Quotes

Hello everyone! I was scrolling through Pinterest the other day look for blogpost ideas as I’ve been away and had no time to write edit & upload so I needed ideas and  I found a list about quotes, 2 things I love, lists and quotes (that sounds so lame, but it’s true!!)  My Favourite Quotes … More TOP 10: Quotes

OOTD: is it thou?

Hello everyone!  I’m on my summer holidays at the moment and I say summer, but it’s 16 degrees and I’m freezing all of the time!! Why does the UKs weather have to be so shit? Anyway, I love this YouTuber called Dodie, she sings, she writes, she’s really sweet and I aim to be like … More OOTD: is it thou?

Party Tattoos

Hello everyone! It is now summertime in Britain so this means its getting closer and closer to my summer holiday and other exciting events in the summer. This includes, maybe going to a little ‘festival’ thing with my best friend, Zoe who has been in previous blogposts, so in honour of maybe going to this … More Party Tattoos

Wednesday Addams OOTD

Hiiii everyone!  I have a little obsession with the musical The Addams Family, it is currently touring around the UK and I am lucky enough to see it in Cardiff in August which is going to be AMAZING! Also one of my favourite actors, YouTubers and authors is performing in this version of the Addams … More Wednesday Addams OOTD

OOTD: all in black

Hello everyone! How are we all doing… It’s basically summer now and I have started to put more thought into what I’m wearing because recently quite a few people of complemented my style and how I dress, also a couple of my friends told me to do a blogpost on it, so I thought I … More OOTD: all in black